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Jun. 24th, 2010


Trying to post via itouch. Let's see how this works.

I thought to post today because I: 1. realize I haven't seen my lj-posting neighbor lately and was curious what was going on with her and 2. have free time.

The latter is actually pretty amazing. Summer classes (specifically microbiology) is kicking my butt. Class is really amazing and interesting (my professor has the title of chief of something at the CDC) but it's a hard subject.

Did I ever say I was accepted into a nursing program? I was. I have a 4.0 and a previous bachelors degree and I got accepted into one of the three schools to which I applied. Crazy. Starts in August. I got the news I was accepted while sitting in a hospital room at the mayo clinic with my mom. Kismet I think.

Speaking of medical stuff, I am currently nursing a broken toe - begotten via a 25lb iron weight left in the middle of the floor. One may say I should watch where I'm going. I say that weights shouldn't be left in the middle of the floor. Five days of being unable to move the toe sent me to the doctor who suspected more than a broken toe, but xrays showed just a broken toe. So it's taped and bandaged for a month and I will hobble about.

My 90 minutes of quiet time end in 3 minutes, so I shall try to post this and get back to the books. Goodbye!

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edit: Whoa - posting via that iphone app places my street address on here! Not that anyone who wants to spend more than 2 minutes on the internet couldn't find me - but why make it easier for them.


Patty from the past

My best friend from kindergarten in New Jersey found me on Facebook last night. I moved away from New Jersey when I was 11, and we would occasionally write, even less occasionally call. Once when I went back for a cousin's wedding (1992) I saw her. I don't know that I have talked to her since then, 17 years ago.

[I love Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are probably the main reason I no longer post here 5x a day - it's just so much easier when you're limited to 140 characters or less. And anyone who has read this for any period of time knows how neurotic I am about getting it perfectly right...the writing, the editing, the rewriting. Not today though. This morning I have no time. No time is another reason.]

I was tickled to see the friend request from her last night. Most of my good memories from those years involve her. We spent a couple hours catching up over email - only to find out at the end of the night that a message board I frequent, one with a very specific topic that only a small percentage of people in the world would read - well she is on there too. I go and look up her user name - and yup, I know it. I now recognize her face in the icon. I never put that face to the name to that time period in my life.

Chickity China, the chinese chicken

One final week of summer vacation. As with each summer, it flew by too quickly, helped along by multiple trips away from the house and across the US - a long drive to Louisiana, slow drive along the Gulf Coast, short cruise in the Gulf, and then a long trip to Northern Calilfornia and San Francisco. It was a great summer.


Shea at Fisherman's Wharf:

Will & Erin in New Orleans:

Liam in a hallway in a house in San Francisco - he doesn't like his picture being taken so this was the best I have:

On the cruise ship, Shea & cousin John - currently at the Citadel with a full scholarship. I consider him my 4th child although I had no part of his success:

I have been accused of going on too many vacations. This summer I would agree.

Trying to decide what to do this week - I had the most wonderful day yesterday buying school supplies (wow do I love Staples and office supplies). Thinking this might be a good week to spend lounging at the pool.

Edit: had to add one more image. This is good eating and how we do it in south central L.A. - that would be Louisiana for you city-folk:

Signed, the displaced yankee from New Jersey

I know I know....

An extended break is often made longer, quite inadvertently, by the feeling that someone (lets just say, ME) has to post something pretty spectacular for a come back.  I'd rather be 1990's John Travolta than say, Chevy Chase.

And so one month becomes two months which becomes first quarter, and before you know it five months have passed and still nothing spectacular comes to mind.  When the reality is that it's probably pretty self-indulgent of me to think anyone gives a flying biscuit but still.  I fretted over what to post.  One-liners on Facebook and Twitter take up a lot of creative writing time, you know.

So - last 4.5 months:
Erin finished kindergarten.  Struggled with reading until one day it clicked and she is now reading all Level 2 books with ease.  I suspect at this rate she will be working on Proust by the end of the summer. 
Liam - Tales of a Fourth Grader Terror.  Is completely obsessed with weapons and Deadliest Warrior.  He can watch any John Woo film and point out the pros and cons of various weapons portrayed.  Have promised him that when the zombies attack, he CAN use a flame thrower, but not before.
Shea - turned 15 yesterday.  You blink and your children grow up.  Beautiful and sweet.

I always become somewhat of a hermit during the winter; this year winter extended throughout spring and into summer.  I have also (mostly) stopped socializing with the majority of my friends over the past year.  In addition, I've been working on a big project that I am not prepared to talk about here. Oh - that's a bit of a teaser isn't it?  It's not that I'm hiding it from people, just that I'm not going to place it out there for the whole world to see in case it fails.   Just an explanation for my blog and friend-neglect.  Ask me again in say...9 months and I'll tell you.

HA!  No, I am not pregnant.  Or trying to become pregnant.  Nope, no way, uh uh, or as my Russian nephew used to say, NYET!  I love babies - but 1. I have enough children and 2. it's now physically impossible for me to become pregnant, even with medical intervention.  That part of my life is done.  By the way - if you are post childbearing ,but premenopausal...I would love to tell you about uterine ablation.  Ask me how it can work for you!  Best thing I ever did.  Unlike the bladder sling which took two subsequent surgeries to fix. 

Hmm...start with biscuits, end with my nether regions.  That sounds about normal for me.  Take care and I'll be back when I make it back.  Could be tomorrow, could be August.

Jan. 25th, 2009

8:50am on a Sunday morning.  I'm sleepy from staying up too late - not by choice, just happened.  Finally took an Advil PM at 3am I think.  Will was also awake, from a toothache.  Poor guy has had more issues with his teeth lately.  He needs a root canal.

I'm awake because we are going to my niece's baptism in a few hours, at a church that's an hour away.  I'm not really down on churches and religion - got my share of that at parochial school in New Jersey - but this is a family event.  However, with the exception of Shea who occasionally goes to Youth Programs at the Mega-Church around the program, my kids aren't familiar with church, much less a full mass.  Hyperactive Liam and Kindergarten Erin are going to have a hard time staying still for the 75-minute service. 

Wonder if God and/or priests frown on hand-held video game consoles? 

Wanderlust has been killing me lately - I need to go on a road trip.  So far I've booked trips to Mexico (cruise), New Orleans and San Francisco.  Doesn't help me right now though.   Someone needs to invite me over.

8:58am.  Gotta go.  Will's a'hollerin.

New Years Resolutions

Nose Ring
Ok, so I get that it's only January 12th, but I have been working really hard on my resolutions for the last 11 days.

1. One load of laundry a day
2. Learn Spanish
3. Go to gym 3x a week
4. Lose 15 pounds
5. Family trip somewhere fun and educational (i.e. no spring break to the beach)

1.  One load of laundry a day.  Check!  With the exception of Sunday, as the day I have given myself as a day of rest.  Figure God can do it, so can I.  Laundry is completely caught up.  Problem is that I'm putting the same clothes on top in the drawers.  Need to figure out a rotation - FIFO vs. LIFO

2. Learn Spanish.  Still need to figure out how to install the software on my computer -  have all the software now, but it's XP only.  I have a Vista machine with XP running in VMWare but it won't install. Tendré éxito!

3. Go to gym 3x a week. Doctor gave me clearance for running in 3 more weeks.  Actual exercising still 6 weeks away. Going to start walking on treadmill this week.

4. Lose 15 pounds.  Working on it!  With the exception of all that bar food and Irish Car Bombs Friday night, I have done very well.  And as I have now sworn off Irish Car Bombs for ALL ETERNITY, it should go easier from here.

5. Family trip.  I spent most free minutes over the last 10 days looking at places to go.  Finally booked a 10 day trip to New Orleans and a cruise to Cozumel later this year.  Mayan ruins are educational aren't they?  As is snorkeling and dancing on the Lido deck.

Things to look forward to this week:  Battlestar Galactica Friday night. 
Things to look forward to this month:  new Underworld movie.  Please don't let it suck.

Haven't done one of these in years

1. Where is your cell phone? close
2. Your significant other? upstairs
3. Your hair? black
4. Your mother? smart
5. Your father? badass
6. Your favorite thing? iphone
7. Your dream last night? Italian
8. Your favorite drink? coffee
9. Your dream/goal? organization
10. The room you're in? kitchen
11. Your fear? death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
13. Where were you last night? bed
14. What you are not? energetic
15. Muffins? auxillary
16. One of your wish list items? office
17. Where you grew up? south
18. The last thing you did? coffee
19. Your TV? no
20. Your pets? three
21. Your computer? precious
22. Your life? busy
23. Your mood? here
24. Missing someone? no
25. Your car? messy
26. Something you're not wearing? bra
27. Favorite Store? Fry's
28. Your summer? lovely
29. Your favorite color? green
30. When is the last time you laughed? evening
31. Last time you cried? while
32. Who will/would repost? dunno


and this is me
I woke up very early New Years Day (which was really about 3 hours after I went to bed).  My dad always told me to spend New Year's Day in the manner in which you hope to spend the rest of the year.  Which means I will probably wake up still tipsy from many bottles of champagne every day for the next year.  And spend the afternoons of 2009 sitting around a firepit drinking more while my children are busy playing the violent video games they received for Christmas.  That afternoon, my neighbors brought over the traditional black-eyed peas, which I could tell were outstanding, but unfortunately I can't eat.  Some people can eat beans while merely singing:

"Beans, beans a wonderful fruit,
the more you eat, the more you toot!"

But not me.  Severe gastrointestinal distress.  For days. 

Good Lord, how did I start off this entry with, "I woke up very early" and within one paragraph start talking about my bowels?

This is me keeping it real.

2009 will be full of hangovers, wood smoke and bad luck while Liam will become a world-class xbox mercenary.

Anyway, back to waking up tipsy at 7am.  The house was still and silent, filled with people who realize that New Year's Day at my house is not a day where you should get up so early.  I was in an introspective mood.  I looked at all the things I had hoped to accomplish over the years, and bolstered by the gallon of champagne still in my belly, decided that this was the year to do so, making the following resolutions:

1. One load of laundry a day
2. Learn Spanish
3. Go to gym 3x a week
4. Lose 15 pounds
5. Family trip somewhere fun and educational (i.e. no spring break to the beach)

The fact that I have never successfully completed one New Year's Resolution in the past had no effect on my list making that morning.  I did think that not putting completely unrealistic items on the list such as: "Pick up house each night before bed' was smart.  Cause really - I do know what I can and can't do.

1. Laundry
Easy enough and quite vital to my sanity.  As of today, January 3rd, there is less then one load of laundry to wash.  Rare situation in my house.

2. Spanish
I took the Rosetta Stone Spanish software that Will bought my two Christmases ago and attempted to install it this morning.  The computer would not read the installation disk and the language disk was missing from the box anyway.  This might be a bit harder to accomplish.

3.  Go to gym 3x a week
I don't know when I will get the OK from the doctor to start exercising/running again - probably 8 to 10 weeks - but I can walk on the treadmill (or even neighborhood) immediately. 

4.  Lose 15 pounds
Do I really need to cook with all that butter?  Well yes, which is why #3 is on the list.

5.  Family trip
I don't really like going to the beach on vacation.  I mean, I do, the beach is beautiful, but it always feels very lazy to me.  I like to DO things on my vacation.  I can sit on my ass and look at something beautiful at home.  Now, we are limited by the school calendar so mainly looking at Spring Break & Summer trips.  Yesterday I looked at the following locations:
A.  Grand Canyon
B.  Disney Cruise & Park  (not much available for Spring Break and not exactly educational)
C.  Atlantis in Bahamas (the first quote I got was $62,000)
D. Great Wolf Lodge in Virginia & Washington DC
Also planning a trip to Louisiana (New Orleans) this spring and San Francisco this summer.  Maybe Europe but not likely.  Also on the list is Montreal and New York. 

I hate planning trips.

You'll note that nowhere on that list was, "Update LJ every day."  I'll try to do better, but again, even with a case of champage I know my limits.

Will is currently taking down the Christmas decorations while murmuring, "Sure would be nice to have some help" and "Sooner we get this done the sooner we can do XYZ." 

New Years Eve montage, from Dot @

Gots to go.  Byebye chick-a-dees.  Happy New Year.



Nose Ring
It turns out that I'm really NOT that efficient.  I can either work (not even FULL-TIME, more like three-quarter time) and maintain the house, or maintain the house and write this blog.  Can't seem to do all three.  Can't even do two half the time.  I have NO time today but I have got to update this thing before the end of the year.

Synopsis of the last 6 weeks, in no order:
1. My 15th wedding anniversary.  We had fondue.  It was fun and I drank too much wine and fell asleep at 10pm.  Sorry dear.

2. Thanksgiving at my sister's on that Thursday, birthday dinner for my dad on that Friday, and retirement party for my mom on that Saturday.  Yes, I have gained as much weight as you would expect.  Dad's Irish so I prepared Corned Beef and Shepherds Pie.  As women in my family could moonlight as professional chefs, and I'm not much more then a short-order cook here, I prepared 4 different recipes of Shepherd's Pie and served to various friends and neighbors prior to the birthday celebration for their opinions.  Never was satisfied with the final dish but it was good.

3. Lots of holiday parties. Took the girls to the Nutcracker one night and Will & I to The Santaland Diaries the following night.  Both were great.

4. Christmas Day at my mother in laws.  Very nice, especially as it was at her house and not my own. And she always has a lot of wine.

5.  Sleep.  After many months of falling asleep between 7 and 8pm, I am now able to stay up past 10!   Not sure whether it was the surgery or the iron that fixed it (probably both) but I will continue taking all that iron every 6 hour when my phone beeps to remind me.

6.  Surgery.  Have to have another one, tomorrow actually (Tuesday) to fix a complication from the September surgery.  This one is outpatient but does require that I am completely knocked out.  I'm hoping that I recover quickly because...

7.  New Years Eve party at my house Wednesday night.  The people that have told me that I am an idiot for throwing a party one day after surgery don't really know me very well do they.  However I am very glad that I way toned down last years party because expectations are now much lower.  No balloon drop, multiple bars, etc.  Instead just an informal gathering of friends with a keg and party hats. Today I am shopping and prepping the house (as I will be unable to do anything tomorrow or the next day).  If you read this, you are welcome to come over.  I did not send out formal invitations to anyone.

8.  Work.  Very good.  I was given an IPhone which is so attached to me it follows me around the house (generally clutched in my hand).  My laptop misses me.

9.  Kids - fine.  Will - fine.  Dogs - one is fine, other is not so good.  Either Mackie has suddenly gotten old (large dog that is 9 1/2) or something is going on with him.  Taking him to the vet this week but I'm scared of what I'm going to hear.

Gotta get back to work.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.  How the hell is it 2009?